Cold pressed grape seed oil

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The grape seed oil produced with cold pressing plays an essential role in the modern healthy nutrition, therefore in health preservation and improvement. (The oil produced with cheaper mass-production methods does not contain any bioactive antioxidation ingredients which come loose with cold pressing and on the other hand unwanted trans linoleic acid can be revealed due to the harmful thermotherapy).

The cold pressed grape seed oil is rich in bioactive antioxidation ingredients, bioflavons, unsaturated sebacic acid, linoleic acid (as one of the components of vitamin F), clorofill and it can be easily digested and it is free from cholesterol.
Its content of vitamin E is very high (8-10 mg/100g which is higher than other sort of oils). Its antioxidation effect is 18,4 times better than vitamin C and 50 times bigger than vitamin E.

Highlights, effects:
It protects the vascular system from calcification, makes the blood vessels and the walls of capillary vessels stronger and hereby reduces the danger of thrombosis. It efficiently influences the blood's cholesterol level, increases the "good" HDL and reduces the "bad" LDL level, preventing the development of heart diseases and incidences of heart attack. It improves the sight and may prevent the development of cataract. It has got a sharp antioxidation effect, protects the cells' genetic ingredients against harmful influences, consequently hindering the chances of developing a cancer. In case of men it may have a good effect for prostate and impotence while in case of women it may mitigate the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. It may improve the memory of patients suffering from cerebral arteriosclerosis. It hinders inflammations and helps the organism to resist stress.

It is an effective cosmetic: secures the skin's smoothness and elasticity, prevents the untimely ageing and it is able to regenerate the collagen fabrics, stimulates their growth and improves the condition of the loose skin. It absorbs easily and quickly into the skin and it is especially appropriate for the care of dry and mature skin. It is found to be the most valuable among the vegetable oils due to its many advantageous physiological features.

For internal application the recommended daily usage is one tee- or tablespoon, but it can be used for preparation of buffet meals, dressings and cooking!
For external use: weekly 1 or 2 times for the face and décolletage, remove after 20 minutes. Extraordinary results may be reached with grape seed oil massage. It regenerates the hair bulbs applied on the roots of hair.

Its nutrition physiological qualities are proved by the Budapest Central Nutrition-science Institute's researches.